All products are priced in Canadian Currency 


All products are priced in Canadian Currency 

A new tool to help keep you calm, focused and clear while at work, school, and more! .

Introducing the Essential Ink Aromatherapy Pen ~ Inhale. write..Repeat.


Designed in Canada, 

 If you love essential oils, then you already know the amazing health benefits from them. Use your Essential Ink Oil Diffusing pen at work to reduce your stress and anxiety levels 

Why Should you use the Essential Ink Pen?

1) Effective: Inhalation is one of the most effective ways to get all the therapeutic benefits of essential oils
2) Portable: Keep your pen in your purse, bag or pocket and unlike roller bottles, you don't need to worry about spilling in your purse
3) Economical: The Essential Ink Pen has the feel of a luxury pen, is beautiful, the ink is easily refillable You only need to use a few drops of oil at a time and it will last for weeks in your pen. It comes with 5 felt pads so you can change your oils anytime.
4) Personal Space: The Essential Ink Pen does not effect others around you.

This pen is perfect for children as well. When using it at school, use an invigorating oil such as peppermint to aid in concentration and focus

How does it work?  

Simply unscrew the stainless steel filigree cap from the pen, place one or two drops of your favourite essential oil on the felt pad provided, place into the cap, and thread back onto the pen and inhale the inspiration!   



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